Thanks to its functionality, its living spaces and its standard equipment, the Joker Boat Clubman 28 is the optimal boat for any boat owner. The hull softly rides on waves and is well balanced to absorb the impacts as much as possible. It is optimally balanced in terms of weight, ensuring maximum stability and performance. The wide spaces on the deck allow for easy movement. The awning, simple to install, provides protection from the aft deck to half console with the possibility of extending it up to the bow with an extension. The WC completes the appeal of the boat providing an area for extra privacy.


The Joker Boat Clubman 28 is an ideal boat also as a tender for yachts or large boats. It can be equipped with a T-top and a lateral ladder for landing at the dock.
The bathroom area inside the console can be transformed into a simple compartment for the storage of materials and therefore also useful for the transport of goods intended for life on board the mother vessel. Interesting also as a marine taxi considering the number of seats, the comfortable space and its smooth ride.


Easy to use and very comfortable, the Clubman 28 is a simple and safe choice for those who want to spend a wonderful day at sea thanks to all the features that this model offers, easy to install and use. The large awning, a comfortable convertible dinette, a refrigerator and a bathroom in which it is possible to enter standing up, are just a few examples of what this boat can offer. This is why the Clubman 28 is certainly one of the most popular and successful models suitable for any renter.

Length all out:
8,50 m
CE certification length:
7,99 m
Max beam (inflated):
3,15 m
Deck Length:
7,70 m
1,88 m
Tubes diameter:
63 cm
Tubes pressure:
0,35 atm
Dry weight:
1.800 kg
Fuel Tank:
400 lt.
Water tank:
120 lt.
Black water tank:
56 lt.
Air compartments:

0,45 m
Max people on board:
N. 16
Max engine power:
441Kw (600 hp)
Suggested engine power:
min. 2× 175 Hp –1x 300 Hp
max. 2 x 300 Hp / 1 x 450 Hp
Engine Shaft Length:
XL x 2 – XXL x 1
Hull construction material:
Self draining:
Storage areas:
N. 6
Project category:

min. 2× 175 Hp –1x 300 Hp
max. 2 x 300 Hp / 1 x 450 Hp

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