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We are Vrtinc Navtika d.o.o., a company specialized in sale, rental and service of ribs, boats and outboard engines. We have been keeping you safe and comfortable on the waves since 2007. Vrtinc Navtika is a reliable and trustworthy company that uses the highest quality boats and products to make the customers happy. Our boats, ribs and nautical accessories guarantee a wonderful user experience and long-lasting satisfaction. We only represent and sell products from renowned global manufacturers. We have also expanded our business to neighboring countries, and more than 1,000 professional boaters and nautical enthusiasts have trusted us and enjoyed their vacation or work on the sea. We are looking forward to the future challenges and opportunities: this is just the beginning of a long and exciting journey.

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Outboard motors for any need. From fishing to speedboating. Expert help and quick delivery.

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Gear up for life on the water! Huge selection of boat equipment & accessories for every need.


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